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The Forstner Rivet Bracelet - Stretch or Solid Links

The Forstner Rivet Bracelet - Stretch or Solid Links

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The Story

Arguably the precursor to the Oyster bracelet, the uniform (i.e., non-tapering) three-link rivet bracelet with straight end pieces is one of our favorite historical watch bands. Originally made by distinguished bracelet manufacturer Gay Frères in the mid-twentieth century, the bracelet had a ton of old school charm with its all elastic-link construction. Sadly, however, the bracelet was discontinued long ago, and vintage versions have become exceedingly rare and expensive. Honoring the beautiful vintage design, Forstner has created its own take on the classic rivet bracelet.

Details and Construction

Forstner offers the present Rivet Bracelet in two different constructions -- one with solid links, and one all elastic (stretchy) links. Both versions of the Rivet Bracelet have the same essential design -- made of brushed stainless steel, the bracelet has an 18mm central "link" portion, with approx. 2.5mm thick links, and micro-adjustment on the clasp.  Both versions are made of 316L stainless steel.  

The Solid Link Version

The Solid Link Rivet bracelet is constructed with links made of solid stainless steel (resulting in a heavier bracelet than the stretch version). Links are removable by screws, and further length adjustment can be made on the clasp. Fits wrists ranging from approx. 6-8 inches in circumference. Includes one elastic (stretch) link behind the clasp to ensure the bracelet can be worn comfortably throughout the day. End piece widths available from 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, and 22mm.

The Stretch Link Version

The Stretch Link Rivet Bracelet is constructed entirely of "stretchy" links, which can expand and contract as necessary. Length is also adjustable via the clasp. The Stretch Link bracelet has a lighter, more vintage feel compared with the Solid Link bracelet. Fits wrists ranging from approximately 6.25-8 inches (but snug fit over about 7.25 inches). End piece widths available from 18-20mm.


  • Note: if you prefer wearing bracelets loosely, the solid link version is likely the one for you, as you may remove the solid links to obtain a precise fit. The stretch version works best for folks who prefer a snug fit, as the bracelet expands to fit wrists over about 7.25 inches in circumference.


Spring bars, screwdrivers for size adjustment.

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