Collection: The Komfit

The Forstner Komfit steel watch bracelet stands alone in its design and history.  It is perhaps the earliest watch bracelet that permitted resizing for the perfect fit, without the need for any tools.  It's also one of the most distinctive watch bracelets ever made, given its two-layered construction and beautiful front-facing clasp mechanism.  

The Komfit's flexibility and ability to be worn outside a pressurized space suit (among other things) made the Komfit the perfect choice for the space program -- indeed, it was one of the only steel watch bands sanctioned by NASA for use on manned space missions, and was personally selected for use by NASA astronauts.  Worn throughout the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs (even making it to the surface of the moon), Forstner has recreated this beautiful and unique bracelet.  Offered in the classic 16mm width, as well as in a wide version that is 18mm wide at the central mesh portion.