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The pre-order phase for our JB Band is now over and we still are expecting to start shipping at the end of November.  Check back periodically for updates! We are trying to get more stock for the end of November and will keep everyone updated. 

The Forstner Komfit "JB" Mesh Watch Band

Forstner is re-releasing its most iconic product, the "Komfit" mesh watch band, worn famously by many astronauts during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. We've dubbed this band the "JB" in honor of the Jacoby Bender version that also helped popularize the model. 

We've honored the original design to ensure that it still has all the characteristics that gave vintage versions the cult following they deserved, including the unique mesh style, the quick adjustment that allows for a perfect fit, and the interesting clasp.  We improved some things as well, in particular, making the band fit perfectly the watch with which it was typically worn in the 1960s -- the Omega Speedmaster.  No longer is there a "gap" between the end link and the watch lugs; the band is now adjustable between 16 and 20mm (instead of the prior 16-19mm).  And, the band is slightly wider at 16mm vs. 15mm in the prior version, to accommodate the wider end piece and fit more contemporary proportions.  

Pre-Orders are no longer being taken for the initial wave of stock, which we still expect to start shipping at the end of November.  We’re getting additional stock in ASAP!

Forstner Komfit "JB" Mesh Watch Band with Straight Ends
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The Komfit Band

Highlights of the Komfit/JB Band Throughout History

Photos Courtesy of NASA