Our Warranty

To provide comfort regarding the quality of Forstner's products and customer service, Forstner offers a one year warranty covering defects caused during the manufacture of its products.  

To initiate warranty service, please contact us at support@forstnerbands.com.

Forstner's warranty extends only to items purchased directly from Forstner.  Items eligible for the warranty will be repaired or replaced (with the same item originally ordered) at Forstner's discretion, upon inspection.  Items covered under the warranty policy may not be exchanged for a different item, returned, or refunded (for example, if an item is replaced, it may not later be exchanged for a different item).  Returns and exchanges are governed exclusively by Forstner's Return/Exchange policies, which apply only to unworn/unused items. 

Forstner's warranty does not extend to:

  • Damage caused by normal wear and tear, or misuse;
  • Water damage caused by using an item in a way in which it was not intended (for example, diving with a watch not rated for diving);
  • Repairs to an item not made by Forstner's authorized service center.   

Likewise, Forstner's warranty does not cover any damage to any non-Forstner product even if such damage occurred while using a Forstner product.  By purchasing an aftermarket watch band, for example, you expressly acknowledge the risk of potential damage to your watch.  We don't anticipate such damage, and stand by the quality of our products.  However, it is possible and things can happen (e.g., spring bar malfunction due to incomplete securing of bars to lug holes, or clasp not joined properly).  Use your common sense in the handling of Forstner's lovely products.  Forstner's warranty will be voided by damage to your item after it leaves us by accidents, mishandling, abusive treatment, modifications, and repairs or tampering by unauthorized third parties.  

Forstner's warranty is non-transferable and not applicable to any sales to businesses or re-sellers of watches.