Using Your Forstner Komfit

The Forstner Komfit band is very simple to attach to your watch, adjust fit, and wear.  However, we understand that it may be a bit unfamiliar to some (particularly since it has not been in production for many years!).  Here are some tips for adjusting and wearing your watch band.

  • Attaching to the Watch Case:

The Komfit band attaches to the watch case just like most other straps and bracelets.  Put the spring bar through the end piece, and compress the spring bar to attach to the lugs, like so:


    • Adjusting Length/Fit:

    The Komfit band is known for its comfort, which has a lot to do with its adjustment mechanism.  It's very simple - there's a small movable buckle affixed to the mesh portion of the bracelet, which the clasp attaches to when the watch is worn.  To adjust the movable buckle, simply flick up the small "lip" that touches the mesh, to make the band fit tighter or looser, as so:  


    • Using the clasp:

    The clasp of the Komfit band is the square polished portion with a small internal square tab.  As discussed above, the clasp attaches to the movable buckle to secure the band to the wrist. 

    To attach the clasp to the buckle, line up the small "teeth" on the underside of the clasp with the straight bar visible on the buckle, and push down (for best results, push down at a slight angle from above the buckle).  To release the clasp from the buckle, press down on the small tab.  This is shown in the following video:


    • Putting it on:

    Putting on the Komfit band is very simple, but there are a few tricks that will make it even easier.  As shown in the below video, pull the clasp end of the band back to tighten the band on your wrist.  Use your finger to hold the tightened end in place while you wrap the clasp end around your wrist and fasten it to the buckle.  This will ensure that the band does not loosen while you are attempting to fasten it.  For best results, push the watch forward to the front of your wrist -- that'll give you the best angle to work with:

     Applying the Internal Lug Protectors:

    Each JB Band is supplied with a strip of 1/8 inch polyimide "dots," which help ensure the ends of the bracelet do not directly contact the internal portion of your watch's lugs.  For best results, peel off a single dot and apply it centrally over a lug hole with a pair of tweezers.  Press down with your finger to secure it on the lug.  With a safety pin or other pointy object, make a hole in the dot into the lug hole.  Then, attach your bracelet as usual.  If you need more of these dots, you can purchase a very large number of them inexpensively, for example here or here.  Another type of dot that works for this purpose are "Zots" 1/8 inch clear adhesive dots, which can be purchased here.  


    Caring for Your Komfit "JB" Band:

    You should feel comfortable wearing your JB band on a daily basis, and using it for pretty much any activity for which you would wear your Omega Speedmaster.  But it's not a good idea to wear the band in some circumstances, and reasonable care should be exercised when using it.  For example, because the band has some "play" between the mesh links (you will notice how the mesh can expand and contract), a violent movement or twisting could cause breakage.  Avoid intense or violent activities with the band, such as (and we are half joking here because, come on, you wouldn't ever do these things while wearing your watch in the first place): boxing, jackhammering, playing tug of war with the band, twisting the band around like a wet towel, stepping or sitting on the band, etc.  You get the idea - it's a beautiful object, and it'll work fine if you don't abuse it.