Installing the Milled Clasp

Swapping your original Forstner clasp with the push-button clasp is a straightforward process, but here are some tips to help it go smoothly.  If you are unsure whether you can successfully install the clasp yourself, or if you have not successfully done this before, we highly recommend that you enlist the help of a jeweler.  

First, unscrew the sizing tool provided with the milled clasp so that the front end of the clasp (the end where the clasp secures shut) can fit within the tool.  

Second, undo the clasp, and find the clasp pin (it is at the very end of the clasp, at the point where the clasp meets the bracelet). 

Then, place the bracelet onto the tool.  IMPORTANT: the tip of the removal tool should face the right side of the bracelet clasp pin when the clasp logo is facing up.   

The opposite side of the bracelet clasp pin should align with the gap in the bracelet removal tool.  Here's a photo for reference: 

Third, ensuring that the top of the removal tool is aligned with the clasp pin, start screwing the pin removal tool back in to push the clasp pin out of the bracelet. 

There should be a little resistance when pushing the pin out, but do not force if you feel a lot of resistance.  If you feel a lot of resistance, the alignment of the tool and pin may be incorrect, or the opposite end of the pin may not be properly aligned with the exit pathway on the tool. 

The clasp pin will remove like so:

Fourth, pull out the clasp pin and put somewhere safe. 

Place your new milled clasp in the spot where the original clasp was, and re-install the clasp pin in the same direction it was removed.  The clasp pin removal tool can push the pin back, or you can use a number of other tools to secure the pin in place.  

Fifth, carefully remove the spring bar on the back of the original clasp to disengage the opposite side of the bracelet from the original clasp's micro adjustment holes (holding your free hand over the clasp during removal helps ensure the spring bar won't rocket across the room).  

Sixth, put the spring bar back in the bracelet, and connect to the micro adjustment holes in the milled clasp.  

That's it!  

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