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Bullet Bracelet for Vintage Accutron Astronaut

Bullet Bracelet for Vintage Accutron Astronaut

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The Story

Are we crazy for releasing a bracelet intended for a long discontinued vintage product?  Maybe, but we received so many requests that it seemed crazier not to.  The Bullet Bracelet is perhaps the most beautiful bracelet ever made for the vintage Astro, but vintage versions are difficult to source, expensive, and did not always hold up to the test of time.  The new Bullet Bracelet has all the qualities that you'd want, including the eccentric 17.5mm size that flares to 20mm at the first link, the polished/brushed design, and the gorgeous rounded/angled links.  But, made in solid 316L stainless steel with modern manufacturing techniques, and fitted to Forstner's push-button Milled clasp, it has the look and feel you'd expect from a contemporary bracelet.

Construction and Finish

  • 5-link polished/brushed design (three brushed links, with two narrow and polished inner links)
  • Unique rounded/angled links in solid construction
  • Fitted with Forstner's push-button milled clasp
  • 316L stainless steel

Adjustment and Fit

Fits wrists ranging from approximately 5.5-8.5 inches (14-20cm) (minimum length of bracelet is just under 11cm and maximum length is 18cm). Links may be removed via single screw system and via the micro-adjustment in the clasp.

Sizes/Width Options

17.5mm straight end piece, which expands to 20mm at the first link.


Spring bars, screwdriver for size adjustment.

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