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Forstner Model O for Tudor Black Bay Pro

Forstner Model O for Tudor Black Bay Pro

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The Story

We are such a fan of the Tudor Black Bay range of watches, but have long wanted to see additional bracelet options that offer a more balanced and comfortable wearing experience. Forstner's Model O is a traditional oyster-style bracelet (without the faux rivets) that so many collectors have been seeking for the Black Bay series.  With its fully brushed finish, taper to 16mm, spring link behind the clasp, and Forstner's push-button milled clasp, the bracelet provides a refined, yet sporty look and an excellent wearing experience.   


  • Solid 316L stainless steel, including solid steel end piece.
  • Classic oyster-style design with fully brushed finish.
  • Links removable conveniently via a single-screw system.
  • Single spring link behind the clasp.
  • Milled push button clasp with fully brushed finishing (clasp includes 6 micro-adjustment holes).


Fits the Tudor BB Pro.


  • Tapers from 20mm at the widest bracelet link to 16mm at the clasp.
  • Milled clasp measures approximately 18.5mm wide.
  • Bracelet length is adjustable (via single screw system and micro-adjustment in clasp) from approximately 120mm to 180mm (fits wrists ranging from approximately 6 to 8 inches). Screwdriver included for sizing.


Fully brushed finish throughout. 


Spring bars, screwdriver, one pair of end links.

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