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Forstner 9-Row Beads of Rice Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet

Forstner 9-Row Beads of Rice Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet

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The Story

The beads of rice (sometimes called a grains of rice bracelet) is one of those quintessential watch accessories that belongs in every collection. Once made by Jacoby-Bender in the mid-twentieth century, the beads of rice style bracelet was provided with some of the most storied watches of all time (stainless steel Patek Philippe chronographs come to mind), and for good reason. The bracelet exudes a subtle elegance that completely transforms the look and feel of your watch over a more typical leather strap. While it's great with virtually any vintage watch, the beads of rice works equally well with contemporary dress (or cross-over dressy/sporty) watches.


Note: the 20mm version of the bracelet is shown in photos. 

Details and Finish

The Forstner 9-Row Beads of Rice bracelet is a wider version of our 7-row beads of rice, measuring 18mm at the bracelet portion vs 16mm on our 7-row bracelet.  Offered in sizes 18mm-22mm at the end piece, the 9-row beads of rice bracelet maintains the look of the vintage JB beads of rice, with modern construction and features such as links removable by a single screw system. The bracelet is beautifully finished in alternating polished and brushed stainless steel -- a finish that flows from the clasp, to the beads, and the end piece itself.

Construction and Adjustment

Solid 316L stainless steel (links are 3mm thick) with removable links (via single screw system). The length may also be adjusted in micro-increments via the clasp. The bracelet fits wrists ranging in size from approximately 5-8 inches in circumference.


The Forstner 9-Row Beads of Rice Bracelet is offered in five different end piece widths--18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, and 22mm. The central "beads" portion is 18mm for all sizes. Please note that the end piece is fixed, and not removable.


Note: the 20mm version of the bracelet is shown in photos.  


Spring bars, screwdriver for size adjustment.

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