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Forstner Komfit Military Type "Thin as a Dime"

Forstner Komfit Military Type "Thin as a Dime"

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The Story

The Military Type (sometimes called the Florentine) Komfit band was one of the (if not the) first Forstner bracelets employing the patented "slide band" technology that ultimately was branded the Komfit. Showcased in patent filings in the late 1930s, and marketed as "thin as a dime, completely flexible, adjustable to any wrist," the Military Type Komfit band exemplifies the Komfit's core qualities. It's comfortable, gorgeous, and filled with vintage/Art Deco charm. Forstner has finally re-created and improved this classic design.


The Military Type Komfit, made entirely of stainless steel, employs many of the same distinctive features as the Komfit "JB" mesh bracelet, including beautifully decorated spring-loaded end pieces and a unique forward-facing clasp.  However, the Military Type is distinguishable by its horizontal "slat" design, which looks great on virtually any piece -- whether dressy or sporty.  On the backside of the bracelet (facing the wrist) is finely-woven mesh, ensuring flexibility and comfort (preventing dreaded hair pulling).


316L stainless steel, offered in either brushed or polished finish.

Length and End Piece Width

  • The end piece has a spring loaded construction like the Komfit mesh bracelet (meaning the end piece compresses inward when pressed) which accepts spring bars up to 1.8mm in circumference.
  • The end piece fits lugs ranging from 16-20mm.
  • Fits wrists ranging from approximately 6-8 inches in circumference (minimum length 130mm, max length 225mm).


Internal lug protectors provided with each order.

Wearing Your Komfit

For tips on using and caring for your bracelet, click here.

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